Apurva Maheshwary

Vice President and CTO



Engineering Office

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Sales Office

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Billing and Administration

Adsorptech Inc.
452 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex, NJ 08846 USA


MS Chemical Engineering, NJIT, Newark, NJ

Apurva has been a process design engineer for last 20 years. He has designed process plants for Industrial gases, refining and petrochemical industries accumulating extensive experience on plant design, safety, control and other engineering standards. Apurva worked at Engineers India Limited, Lummus Crest, and BOC Gases prior to Adsorptech. He has developed the unique proprietary calculation methods to design the adsorption based gas separation plants, which has allowed Adsorptech to scale the test plant data to the commercial designs. Apurva is driven to a calculation intensive approach to engineering problems but never to reinvent a wheel.</p>
<p>The most important career highlights for Apurva have been development of calculation methods for plant design, design of many major units in refining and petrochemical industry and design of over 35 adsorption based separation plants. Apurva has 4 US patents on adsorption technology.