There are many different names associated with the adsorption method of producing industrial gases – PSA, VSA, VPSA and Oxygen Concentration Generators. In many cases, the names are used interchangeably. The Adsorptech oxygen system has both a vacuum and positive pressure step in our proprietary process and therefore prefers the term VPSA.

Current Adsorptech oxygen VPSA generators include:

  1. EcoGen™ – capacity range 1 to 12 tpd
  2. ModCGen™ – capacity range 20 to 100+ tpd
  3. Custom – capacity over 100 tpd or unique customer requirements
  4. Kits

The Adsorptech proprietary VPSA process requires less energy than alternative oxygen systems. Adsorptech’s proprietary design has no need for expensive high-quality seal water. For applications requiring up to 40 psig oxygen, Adsorptech’s VPSA systems require no cooling water.

Air contains 21% oxygen and the majority balance nitrogen. In Adsorptech’s oxygen VPSA process, compressed air is fed into a vessel filled with molecular sieve at a positive pressure where the nitrogen is selectively adsorbed and the oxygen passes through as product. About when the nitrogen adsorption capacity is reached, a vacuum step removes the accumulated nitrogen and regenerates the sieve. Multiple vessels are used to produce a continuous supply of oxygen. Depending upon the oxygen application pressure need, an oxygen booster may be included.