Adsorptech is a manufacturer of industrial scale new adsorption-based oxygen production equipment, a global service provider for operations support, troubleshooting, upgrade and relife of existing adsorption-based industrial gas equipment, and an engineering company for any gas separation technology from simple feasibility studies to fabrication and installation services, plus expert industrial gas procurement/contracting consulting. The patented proprietary oxygen production equipment represents the most energy efficient source of oxygen in the world.


We offer value and quality assurance in every aspect our service.

• Trusted Technology

• Modern Analytical Equipment

• Credible Logistics

• Qualified Staff

• Quick Installation

• Impeccable Design

• Smart Engineering

• Advanced Processes

What Matters To Us?

Our belief underlies good moral principles that we strongly adhere to.

• Integrity

• Transparency

• On-time Delivery

• Accountability

• Determination

• Easy Accessibility

• Focus on sustainable equipment and solutions

• Environmentally friendly

• Global Sovereignty


If you want to manufacture steel, cement, glass, ceramics, pulp, and paper, you need us. And the list doesn't end here; beginning from water treatment to waste incineration, you need us to be the agent who stimulate your production and increase your profitability. Because everyone needs oxygen, we give you the best of the kind of it.

We, at ADSORPTECH, provide industries with exceptional adsorption-based oxygen equipment, consulting, and services plans. With our extra energy-efficient Separations Technology, we bring forth efficacy and perseverance. With the help of the highest reliability operations, we set up a hallmark of tendering the purest oxygen with the fastest production rate. Surely, we aid you in every part of the globe.

We protect your existing equipment with our services while troubleshooting, upgrading and giving your pre-existing equipment a new life. Thus, we save your money by keeping your investment from deprecating. Also, we consult with you upon issues faced for industrial gas equipment procurement or supply contracts. And ADSORPTECH offers the best service plans; some include Remote Monitoring and Support and Planned Maintenance Management and Execution.

A Quantum Leap in the Creation of Oxygen

ADSORPTECH loves innovation. We work hard to contribute to convenience, technology, and novelty. To us, quality matters the most, and with VPSA's advanced gas separation technology, we introduce you to it.

The VPSA Separations Technology, especially, is a paragon Gas Separation procedure. This way, you can save money with easy availability, durability, and internal fabrication that doesn't need supervision. The efficacious automated operation impacts your industrial construction in the finest way.

Keep up with ADSORPTECH

You can now forget the tedious, traditional ways of fractionation, distillation, adsorption, and liquid-liquid extraction. Because with our services, we welcome simplicity and satisfaction in your business. Keep pace with technology and novel mechanical ways to create better results through comfort. Join our team of clientele now!

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