Water Oxygenation


Oxygen is essential in creating and maintaining clean safe water.

In aquaculture, the size of land-based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) fish farms is increasing in scale exponentially. Historical farms were in the 300 to 1,000 tons per year (TPY) of fish production. RAS farms are now in the tens of thousands of TPY fish production. No longer does the traditional Liquid Oxygen (LOX) source of oxygen for water support sustainable cost or reliability. To reach and maintain maximum levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) to accelerate fish growth and lessen mortality, onsite oxygen production is critical to farm economics. Oxygen VPSA is the most economical and reliable oxygen source for large oxygen demands at and above 1,000 tpy of fish production requiring 150 kg per hour of oxygen and above. Adsorptech’s EcoGenTM oxygen for water VPSA is the only onsite production technology in the world that has built-in cost-effective redundancy thereby increasing reliability and lessening LOX backup consumption while maintaining economic sustainability. Oxygen feed to an ozone generator provides the most cost-effective means for biological, odor, and color control. The superior turndown capability maintains oxygen economics as the RAS farm demand changes over time.


Oxygenation of Water and Water Purification

In potable water applications such as drinking water and large aquariums, oxygen enhances the efficiency of ozone generators achieving chlorine use and chlorine byproduct reduction, disinfection increase, oxidize pesticides, odor, and taste control. In steams or reservoirs, oxygen for water DO can be maintained at levels required to sustain life and prevent pollution.


Why Is Water Oxygenation Important in Aquaculture?

Oxygenated water is as important for sea creatures as it is important for the humans. For all the fish that live in oceans, ponds, rivers, and lakes, they need safe water to live in. These water bodies have a large surface area and strong current to keep the water flowing. And well, this movement is what oxygenates the water, so the fish inside have adequate quality of air to breathe in.

Technical Aeration Systems Enhance the Production of Aquaculture

The process of dispersal at the surface of water depends on the oxygen pressure in the air and water. However, with a constant oxygen content in the water, the rate of diffusion depends upon the water saturation. In this case, the oxygen supply systems help prolifically. They imitate a wind effect by keeping the water moving and breaking the water flow into tiny drops.

Oxygenated water encourages a healthy production of fish and accelerates the biological processes competently. In various situations, technical oxygenation becomes a life-sustaining function for the sea creature.

Why Our Water Oxygenation VPSA Does Wonders for Fish Farming

Your fish farms could become more productive with our Water Oxygenation VPSA and that is because they come in an efficient and comprehensive formation.

  • A Competent turnkey system
  • A Supremely energy-efficient process design
  • A reliable, errorless, steady online oxygen purity monitor that comes with an alarm
  • Automatic system shutdown in case the monitored oxygen purity goes lower than the preset limits
  • Easy to maintain and operate as it gives you proper utility for over 10-15 years
  • Warranty after commissioning against material defect or workmanship error
  • We offer comprehensive spare parts for all of our supplied components
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