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CompreX ™- A comprehensive scope oxygen booster package for simple, safe, and low-cost installation

The cost and complexity of adding an oxygen booster machine to an existing or new onsite oxygen VPSA or cryogenic generator can be quite daunting, time consuming, and expensive. Adsorptech has proven specialized skills and technology to package an integrated oxygen booster system that has any or all scope required to achieve simple, quick, and safe installation. Scope of supply typically includes the majority, if not all, of the following scope: the oxygen booster machine, electrical, instrumentation & PLC equipment plus all piping, electrical, programming, and controls installed and pre-checked in the shop. All you have to do is offload and set the skid, provide inlet and outlet oxygen piping, one power connection and a small amount of instrument air. Optional water or glycol cooling systems are available. The CompreX™ model is suitable for outdoor installation avoiding the need, cost and safety concerns with oxygen equipment inside a building.


Economic onsite source for over 100 tpd of oxygen.

When oxygen demand approaches or exceeds a 100 tpd level, the most cost effective solution may be multiple EcoGenX systems or a specific custom design. If your needs are unique, a unique solution is in order. Adsorptech’s oxygen VPSA technology can be customized to meet your exacting need, such as special site or transportability requirement. So if your needs are unique or large, contact Adsorptech and the search for your ideal low cost oxygen solution can begin.


Any scope level design package for your specific need.

Adsorptech provides additional design services such as custom separation, other process designs and integration of onsite generation with liquid oxygen (LOX) supplemental/backup supply. Package scope range can be anywhere beginning with overview process design, equipment process specifications and detailed equipment process specifications and detailed equipment purchase specifications, to complete fabrication drawings. Adsorptech fabrication, installation and/or commissioning services are available as well.

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