Select Innovative Achievements

Global Supply & Relocation Abilities

Adsorptech has proved innovative achievements to suit the specific situation and needs of its customers

New Equipment in Record Time

Customer Need: Adsorptech’s customer needed a quick turnkey solution for 20 tpd of onsite oxygen with a cost effective means to expand to 40 tpd in the foreseeable future that DID NOT REQUIRE a shutdown to accomplish.

Adsorptech Solution: Adsorptech designed, fabricated, shipped, installed, checked out and commissioned a ModCGen™ model oxygen VPSA - a full turnkey project - that accomplished the immediate 20 tpd need with expandability using future dollars to achieve the 40 tpd capacity without the need for any oxygen VPSA shutdown.

Adsorptech Achievements:

  1. 109% of contracted oxygen capacity
  2. 13% savings on promised power consumption
  3. Completed 4 weeks ahead of 9 month schedule
  4. Greater than 99% reliability 1st year

All In One Relocation, Upgrade, & Refurbishment

Customer Need: Adsorptech’s customer had an aging idle 60 tpd oxygen VPSA in the United Kingdom and had an 80 tpd oxygen need in the USA.

Adsorptech Solution: On both continents, Adsorptech managed the oxygen VPSA capacity upgrade redesign, dismantling, packaging, shipment, refurbishment, reinstallation, checkout and commissioning on a full turnkey basis. Single point of accountability provided the ideal environment for speed and accuracy.

Adsorptech Achievements:

  • Achieved the 33% capacity expansion
  • Completed ahead of schedule in 6 months

  • Services & Consulting for Operations, Process, & Controls

    Operations Troubleshooting Support

    1. Improved customer owned, non-Adsorptech designed oxygen VPSA underperformance from 65 to 104 tpd
    2. Successfully recommissioned a failed customer owned, non-Adsorptech designed 15 tpd oxygen VPSA

    Process Consulting

    1. Methane process simulation, systems engineering and costing
    2. NF3 MOC planning and costing
    3. Ethylene & FCC integration feasibility & simulation
    4. CO production from existing POX hydrogen plant simulation & feasibility study Ozone recycle feasibility study & equipment design packages

    Controls Consulting

    1. High-temperature, cryogenic superconductor design, programming and implementation
    2. Cryogenic and PSA nitrogen, ultra-pure nitrogen, oxygen and HYCO systems programming and upgrades
    3. FDA validation and certification for air separation and carbon dioxide production facilities
    4. Ozone based NOx emissions reduction process and programming Krypton/xenon system programming, implementation and testing