Safe Oxygen Compression Packages

  Compressing oxygen requires specialized skills and knowledge to achieve safe, reliable, and efficient operations. Customers want a comprehensive plug-and-play type offering to add to their existing or new onsite oxygen VPSA or cryogenic generator that compressor manufacturers simply do not offer. Therefore, Adsorptech created the CompreXTM model oxygen booster integrated total system package. On a single frame, the oxygen booster, motors, coolers, glycol system, silencers, ventilation system, electrical equipment, wiring, piping, instrumentation, plc, HMI, and controls are integrated on a single frame and assembled and pre-checked at Adsorptech’s shop. Oxygen boosters include blowers, single stage reciprocating, or dual stage reciprocating compressors depending on the final oxygen pressure desired. Adsorptech is the only supplier of an oxygen compatible blower system capable of safely running on standard hydrocarbon lubricating oil thereby significantly decreasing the cost and frequency of oil changes and extending the useful life of the blower compared to synthetic lubricants. The CompreXTM package is suitable for outdoor installation avoiding the need, cost, and safety concerns with indoor oxygen equipment. Only one 380 to 480 volt, 3 phase, 50 or 60 hertz electrical supply is required.

  Depending upon your situation and preference, the glycol system can be eliminated and replaced with a cooling water system if cooling water is available and preferred. If direct integration of the individual controls into your system is preferred, the standard plc and HMI can be eliminated, and all signals conveniently terminated on an internal terminal strip for connection to your control system.