Adsorptech’s EcoGen™ model oxygen VPSA is a pre-engineered product that minimizes the cost and maximizes the reliability of oxygen supply. The EcoGen™ is capable of operating at any oxygen purity from 85% to 95% pure oxygen and has two standard delivery pressures – 15 psig and 43 psig (1 and 3 barg). Custom designs for higher pressures are available. The EcoGen™ nominal product rating at 90% oxygen purity is:

  • 4 to 13 tpd (65 to 225 scfm)
  • 100 to 350 Nm3/hr (150 to 500 kg/hr, or 1800 to 6300 lpm)

  Installing multiple units achieves the same superior economics and benefits as one unit plus adds an element of redundancy reliability.

The EcoGen™ is the most cost-effective high-reliability source of oxygen in the world within its range:

  1. Lowest power consumption than any other source of oxygenUnity power factor saves more on the utility bill
  2. Widest power turndown capability of any other onsite oxygen source – down to 30%Unique reliability feature capable of half operation when front end equipment is being maintained
  3. Unique capability to produce 50% of design capacity even when maintaining any front end equipment thereby increasing supply reliability and reducing liquid oxygen requirements
  4. Most comprehensive Adsorptech scope and least “add on” costs for a complete oxygen supply
  5. No air compression, refrigeration, drying, oil removal, electrical , controls or compression equipment requirement of you. No building required of you
  6. Easiest and lowest risk field installation or relocation than any other onsite oxygen product. Single power connection (380-575 V, 3 ph., 50 or 60 Hz)No field interconnecting electrical or controls requirement of you
  7. Smallest footprint of any onsite oxygen technology
  8. Low operating costs. Longest molecular sieve life – no oil used in the process No high cost high pressure air or oil removal system maintenance. No requirement for seal or cooling water
  9. CE Marking available

  Applications that benefit from Adsorptech’s EcoGen™ product are diverse and include fish farms, water treatment, water purification, ozone production, air enrichment or oxy-fuel combustion (such as glass, cement kilns, and metals refining), metals smelting, gasification waste treatment, and oil refineries just to name a few.