Adsorptech’s patented EcoGenX™model oxygen VPSA represents the latest technological advancement in oxygen generation. EcoGenX™ delivers world best-in-class power efficiency into the 40 to 80 tpd oxygen demand range that was first proven on the EcoGen™ 1 to 12 tpd models in 2015. Now larger oxygen consuming locations can benefit from the lowest operating and maintenance costs in the industry. EcoGenX™is the only technology in the world with built-in redundancy that accomplishes only a fraction of the oxygen capacity reduction while performing front end equipment maintenance or repair. The EcoGenX™can be operated at any oxygen purity between 85% to 95% and has standard models up to 15, 40 and 150 psig (1, 3 & 10 barg) delivery pressure. Utilizing an EcoGenX™will increase your profitability with the added bonus of both carbon-footprint and pollution reduction at your location.

  The EcoGenX™is the most cost-effective and high-reliability source of oxygen in the world. Other major features and benefits include:

  1. Preassembled skid – all components installed and interconnected reduces your scope of support materials such as electrical switchgear and motor control centers, plus lowers your installation cost, risk and schedule
  2. Simple process and mechanical design – achieves lowest cost to operate, single “button” immediate shutdown or restart in minutes remotely or locally, no planned molecular sieve replacement necessary, only one 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz. power supply necessary, and no special tools or skills required
  3. Suitable for outdoor installation – eliminates expensive building capital, permitting, and safety complexities
  4. Wide turndown range – ability to turn down greater than 70% saves considerable power cost and avoids all operating inrush current issues
  5. Least site impact – smallest footprint reduces site area and costs, simple flat slab foundation reduces design and installation costs, no cooling/seal water, air coolers/chillers lessens capital, operating and oily condensate discharge complications

  Applications that can utilize EcoGenX™VPSA oxygen include combustion air enrichment (cement/lime kilns), chemicals, CHP, large fish farms such as RAS, ferrous & non-ferrous (aluminum/copper/lead/zinc) metals, gasification, metals recycling, mining & minerals (gold/silver leaching), oxy-fuel combustion (glass/ceramics/mineral wool), ozone manufacture, pulp/paper, refining, smelting, waste to energy, wastewater treatment and water purification.