NBS Valves

Focus on Low Life-Cycle Costs

  Adsorptech personnel have decades of experience operating and maintaining oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide VPSA, PSA and cryogenic generator facilities. Because of this first-hand experience, the knowledge that low-initial-price critical equipment may not translate to low-life-cycle economics to the user of the equipment. For example, poor quality switching valves in the high duty-cycle required with VPSA, PSA and PPU processes will result in significant downtime and maintenance issues. Not only does this inflate the cost of oxygen, the downtime impacts your loss of production value more than the cost of oxygen.

  From the decades of learning in the school of hard knocks, Adsorptech highly recommends that NBS valves be purchased for any high-duty cycle requirement. Because of Adsorptech’s confidence with NBS valves in demanding switching application service, we have become a North American distributor of the proven NBS valves.