Oxygen and Sustainability


  To achieve sustainable industrial operations, oxygen plays a significant role. Although the relative cost of oxygen on your total business economics might be very small, the cost of not having oxygen when you need it can destroy your profitability. For example, what does a downtime day cost in the loss of gold, refinery, or glass production - or loss of life at a fish farm?

  Oftentimes one must spend more capital to lower operating cost. For oxygen production, there is no greater life-cycle cost impact than the power required to manufacture the oxygen, especially over the useful life of the oxygen need. Have you ever seen the cost of power decrease year-on-year? The impact of power (and fuel for LOX) cost compounding year after year represents a real incentive to pay a little more capital up front to save a lifetime on power cost. And the higher the power demand and the greater the distance traveled from the LOX source, the worse the impact on environmental sustainability, AKA carbon footprint.

Oxygen Operating Costs
O2 Source $/Kg $/100 cf $/Nm3
VPSA Brand 3 $0.027 $0.102 $0.039
VPSA Brand 2 $0.042 $0.157 $0.060
VPSA Brand 1 $0.047 $0.177 $0.067
PSA $0.062 $0.233 $0.089
Liquid (LOX Power Offsite) $0.118 $0.444 $0.169
Assumes 100% O2 & power rate of $0.10/kwh
Data From Supplier Website