Oxygen VPSA

Most Economic, Reliable, and Sustainable Source of Oxygen


  In 2013, Adsorptech invented a new VPSA process and product EcoGenTM to manufacture oxygen. The first commercial EcoGenTM has been operational since 2015 at an Italian oil refinery. Excellent onstream performance and minimal maintenance cost and time have surpassed the customer’s expectation.

  Adsorptech’s oxygen VPSAs are the most power efficient and reliable sources of oxygen in the world. Additional Features and benefits include:

  1. Most comprehensive plug-and-play packaging lessening your installation cost, time, and risk
    1. No addition equipment required to make oxygen
    2. Only one power connection required, 380 to 575 volt, 3 Phase, either 50 or 60 Hertz
    3. Suitable for outdoor installation avoiding building costs and confined entry risk
    4. Smallest footprint requirement minimizing your foundation and land requirements
    5. No oily condensates produced avoiding environmental concerns
  2. Cost-effective built-in redundancy maximizing reliability of oxygen supply
  3. Wide 85% to 95% purity setpoint range and flexibility to determine your ideal specific application fit
  4. Widest capacity turndown to ~70% providing energy savings when less oxygen required
  5. No seal or cooling water required eliminating these utility costs, maintenance, and risks
  6. No specialized skills or tools required saving operating and maintenance costs
  7. Quick restart and shutdown