Service Plans

Services to Support your Operations

Professionally conducted routine services represent critical elements in achieving high reliability and low life cycle costs from your production facility. Problem prevention is far less costly than correcting a failure after it has occurred – not only in direct cost terms, but in terms of lost production and related sales and profit dollars. As experts in adsorption production technology, Adsorptech provides a cost-effective means to maximize the payback on service money spent. Adsorptech has several service plans available to suit your individual needs.

Remote Monitoring

This plan represents a set of extra eyes to monitor the performance of your production facility. All you have to do is provide Adsorptech unrestricted access to the production facility via the internet. Adsorptech provides:

  1. Periodic checking the operations of the production unit, no less than every two weeks
  2. Report to your operating staff any anomalies and recommend actions

Remote Support

This plan incorporates all the Remote Monitoring services plus adds direct engineering and maintenance advice on a preferred customer basis. Adsorptech services in addition to Remote Monitoring:

  1. Up to 8 hours each month of engineering and operations advice
  2. If field support becomes necessary, Adsorptech personnel prioritized on a preferred customer basis
  3. Quarterly report defining actual services provided

Planned Maintenance Management

This plan includes the time for Adsorptech to formalize and schedule an annual planned maintenance program specific to your production facility. Adsorptech provides:

  1. A written planned maintenance program document
  2. Specify a list of materials and current estimated pricing for these materials
  3. A schedule plan and actual tracking
  4. Remote support to your team performing the defined field activities

Planned Maintenance Execution

This plan includes all the annual Planned Maintenance Management services plus adds the time and materials to supervise the field work

  1. Procure & ship the maintenance materials
  2. Provide the supervision of existing onsite labor
  3. Issue a report detailing work performed