Every oxygen production technology serves a niche in the global supply of oxygen. The single most important factor in determining which production technology offers the ideal economics in your situation is the quantity of oxygen that you need. At and below 3 Tons Per Day (TPD), oxygen PSA or Liquid Oxygen (LOX) will most likely represent your low cost solution. From 3 TPD to 5 TPD there is a real battle zone between oxygen PSA and oxygen VPSA. Over 5 TPD it is very hard for the PSA power cost to prevail over VPSA technologies. And as the chart above shows, not all VPSA suppliers are the same.

  For the 3 to 5 TPD battle zone oxygen demand cases, here are additional PSA and VPSA differences that you should consider in your decision making.

Oxygen PSA and EcoGen™ VPSA Differences
Item Adsorptech EcoGen™ VPSA PSA
Capital Initial looks higher ... but Initial looks lower ... but
Major Components Skid & O2 Buffer Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Oil Removal Equipment, Vessel/Valve Skid, 2 Buffers, Electrical Starters, Electrical Distribution, Central Control
Power Base 2 times more & power rates compound over time
Switching Valves 3 6
Electrical Connections 1 3
Buyer Scope
Building Not Required Required
Interconnecting Piping None Between all components
Interconnecting Controls None Between all components
Interconnecting Electrical None Between all components
Installation Simpler - 2 parts Complex - 6 major parts
Relocation Simpler - 2 parts Complex - 6 major parts
Foundation One Simple Multiple or larger
Oily Condensate Removal & Drain Not Required Required, perhaps oily
Buyer Impact
Process Pressures Low High
Power Turndown Up to 70% Up to 30%
Built in Redundancy Yes No
Operating Purity Flexibility 85% to 95% capable 90% +/- 3%
Cold Temperature Operating Limit Good to -40 °F (-40 °C) Must be above freezing
Maintenance Base Higher & costs compound
Sieve Changes None expected Every 3 to 5 years $ costs compound
Cooling Water None Required on air compression
Drain Permitting None Required, possibly oily condensate
Yet some oxygen PSA economics at & below 2 to 3 stpd do appear better than most VPSA systems