Technical and Commercial Construction

Adsorptech provides both engineering and commercial procurement support oxygen consulting.

Process Engineering


Adsorptech has the skills and experience to support your projects with process design, systems engineering, and oxygen consulting. Our engineering personnel have process design and development experience in refinery, petrochemical, industrial gases, HYCO processes, adsorption separations, systems integration, and utility system design.

Process Design

• Feasibility study Process Flow Diagrams, heat and material balances, project OOM costing

• Process simulation and optimization

• Revamp, de-bottleneck and troubleshoot existing units

• Process sub-system integration

• Re-rate existing equipment for new service

• Tool creation for process estimation, marketing, and proposal preparation

Systems Engineering

• Detailed P&Ids, utility, effluent and flare summaries, and HAZOP

• System and equipment design specifications

• Instrumentation datasheets, process specifications, equipment sizing and hydraulic calculations

Process Engineering Brochure

Mechanical Engineering


Adsorptech has the full breadth of skills to put together individual design documentation or fully integrate skid packages.

• Conceptual skid layouts and plot plans

• Skid design with equipment installation, mechanical, electrical and controls integrated

• Piping fabrication drawings

• Control panels, instrumentation detail, I/O, and interlock lists

• Electrical single lines, HV/LV panels, elementary diagrams and wiring diagrams

• HAZOP management

• Skid assembly specifications



Adsorptech principals have been in the business of commercially sourcing and supplying equipment for decades and understand the dynamics of both buyer and seller perspectives. We also have managed supply contract commercial, operations and profitability for both onsite equipment and liquid oxygen where the industrial gas company maintains ownership of all the assets and the consumer pays for the oxygen over time in any of a variety of different contract methods. Therefore, oxygen consulting can help you buy your own equipment or support you to prevent falling into the complex commercial issues of a long-term supply contract.

Buy your own equipment support

• Prepare bid documentation for you to request bids

• Manage or support competitive bid analysis

• Assist your purchase order preparation

• Project management, installation, and/or commissioning support

Supply contract support

• Provide expert knowledge on the complexities and pitfalls of long-term supply contracts

• Assist solicitation of supply contract bids

• Assist in the selection of the industrial gas company

• Provide commercial advice on contract terms and conditions

What Should You Consider Beforehand?

There’s a lot you need to assess before you buy an Oxygen Generation Plant. We provide your commercial setups with a well-built and efficient system that works best for your chemical fertilizers, non-ferrous metal smelting, electric arc furnace steelmaking, bleaching, sewage treatment, and more.

From the stages of purification and adsorption to desorption, we are here to guide you through everything. Our VPSA Oxygen Generation Plants are set up to fuel the productivity of your processes. When you decide to buy an on-site oxygen generating system, make sure you compare all the critical performance criteria to achieve the greatest value for your purchase.

• Oxygen capacity

• Capacity redundancy capability

• Purity capabilities and flexibility

• Delivery pressure

• Power Consumption

• Turndown capability

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