Adsorptech has the engineering, fabrication, product management, operations skills and proprietary know-how to provide world-class lowest-life-cycle cost VPSA, and PSA systems. Adsorptech relationships with key component suppliers, fabricators and contractors allow a totally integrated gas production facility on a sale basis from either the assembly shop or fully installed and operational basis right at your location. Producing the gas on site achieves the lowest cost, highest reliability and most flexible gas supply, thereby maximizing your production output and return on investment.


There are many different names associated with the adsorption method of producing industrial gases – PSA, VSA, VPSA and Oxygen Concentration Generators. In many cases, the names are used interchangeably. The Adsorptech oxygen system has both a vacuum and positive pressure step in our proprietary process and therefore prefers the term VPSA.

Current Adsorptech oxygen VPSA generators include:

EcoGen™ – capacity range 4 to 13 tpd

EcoGenX™ – capacity range 40 to 80 tpd

Custom – capacity over 100 tpd or unique customer requirements Kits

The Adsorptech proprietary VPSA process requires less energy than alternative oxygen systems and has no need for expensive high-quality seal water. For applications requiring up to 40 psig oxygen, Adsorptech’s VPSA systems require no cooling water. Air contains 21% oxygen and the majority balance nitrogen.

In Adsorptech’s oxygen VPSA process, compressed air is fed into a vessel filled with molecular sieve at a positive pressure where the nitrogen is selectively adsorbed and the oxygen passes through as product. About when the nitrogen adsorption capacity is reached, a vacuum step removes the accumulated nitrogen and regenerates the sieve. Multiple vessels are used to produce a continuous supply of oxygen. Depending upon the oxygen application pressure need, an oxygen booster may be included.



Often sourcing multiple systems from one supplier provides the smartest solution.

Having worked in the supply of onsite industrial gas solutions for more than 30 years, Adsorptech’s Principals have become expert and proficient in integrating other related systems to the industrial gas generating facility such as:

  • Backup liquid (LOX or LIN) and vaporization
  • Cooling water supply and management Ozone generation
  • O3 Special compression and gas storage

  • So if any of these systems are of interest, Adsorptech offers a one-stop provider of an entire integrated package. By having a single source of accountability, you avoid the all too common situation of each system supplier pointing at the other supplier if all systems do not work properly together.


    In addition to the oxygen products, Adsorptech’s engineering skills can be used to provide any large or small scale custom system based upon the value to your individual situation. In addition to oxygen VPSA, custom designs can be produced for other gas separation processes such as:

    Large scale nitrogen PSA – N2 PSA

    Engineered Compressed Dry Air – CDA systems 500 scfm and larger

    Gas mixture contaminant cleanup


    During Adsorptech's continuous search for and development of new adsorption separation processes and materials, an exciting innovation has been discovered for the cleanup of biogas steams to accomplish cost-effective and reliable methane recovery from streams such as anaerobic digesters, landfills, and stranded wells (CMG coal mine gas) to produce energy or higher quality products such as LNG. Adsorptech’s patented innovation is labeled RBCT for Renewable Biogas Cleanup Technology. RBCT allows several undesirable biogas components to be removed in a single unit operation compared to current technology that requires four or more unit operations. The capital and efficiency benefits are very promising. Adsorptech is in on the ground floor in the RBCT commercialization process. If you are interested in participating, contact Adsorptech


    In the course of providing adsorption systems and services, Adsorptech often runs into used assets available for cost-effective relocation. With decades of experience refurbishing, redeploying, upgrading and then operating used equipment, Adsorptech is uniquely positioned to cost-effectively determine the economic viability of used equipment redeployment. Not all used equipment offers a viable economic alternative. One must be aware of, not only of the economics of redeployment, but the latest economics of best-in-class new oxygen VPSAs to determine which offers the best long-term means for producing onsite gases. At this time, Adsorptech does not have any viable used equipment available. However, if you have a redeployable asset available, contact to see if we can help you assess the viability or implement your asset redeployment for yourself or for someone else.

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