Adsorptech has the engineering, fabrication, product management, operations skills and proprietary know-how to provide world-class lowest-life-cycle cost VPSA, and PSA systems. Adsorptech relationships with key component suppliers, fabricators and contractors allow a totally integrated gas production facility on a sale basis from either the assembly shop or fully installed and operational basis right at your location. Producing the gas on site achieves the lowest cost, highest reliability and most flexible gas supply, thereby maximizing your production output and return on investment.

We generate oxygen - the building block of your manufacturing systems. Our product gas helps produce other beneficial materials and products. We help protect and fix your previous equipment and get you brand new ones as well. We also offer consultancy and service plans that prove to be of great benefit to you.


There are many different names associated with the adsorption method of producing industrial gases – PSA, VSA, VPSA and Oxygen Concentration Generators. In many cases, the names are used interchangeably. The Adsorptech oxygen system has both a vacuum and positive pressure step in our proprietary process and therefore prefers the term VPSA.

Current Adsorptech oxygen VPSA generators include:

EcoGen™ – capacity range 4 to 13 tpd

EcoGenX™ – capacity range 40 to 80 tpd

The Adsorptech proprietary VPSA process requires less energy than alternative oxygen systems and has no need for expensive high-quality seal water. Adsorptech’s VPSA systems require no cooling water. Air contains 21% oxygen and the majority balance nitrogen.

In Adsorptech’s oxygen VPSA process, compressed air is fed into a vessel filled with molecular sieve at a positive pressure where the nitrogen is selectively adsorbed, and the oxygen passes through as product. About when the nitrogen adsorption capacity is reached, a vacuum step removes the accumulated nitrogen and regenerates the sieve. Multiple vessels are used to produce a continuous supply of oxygen. Depending upon the oxygen application pressure need, an oxygen booster may be included.

Qualities of a VPSA Oxygen Generation System

Our Oxygen Generation System is a heavy-duty, low-maintenance, and cost-effective on-site technology. It has a quick startup, lower power consumption, and flexibility in purity and flow. Hence, you get a continuous and guaranteed supply with utmost purity.

With this system you do not need a dedicated labor force. By just a push of a button on the remote control, the automatic manoeuvre gets to work without the need of human attention. It is designed as such that you can even turn down its capability to decrease its oxygen flow to 30% from 100%

This way, we enhance our oxygen production by working smart and using the latest technology. In the end, all we want is the best for the world, and so we provide each industry with first-rate production methods only.

How Can VPSA Oxygen Plant Help Save Money?

The O2 Generator we operate delivers value with low operating costs and capital. Our reliable on-site generator system saves 40-60% of the total cost compared to cryogenically produced oxygen. For this reason, our Oxygen plants are the most economical and help you save money, increase your production, grow profits all while lessening your facility environmental impact.



Often sourcing multiple systems from one supplier provides the smartest solution.

Having worked in the supply of onsite industrial gas solutions for more than 30 years, Adsorptech’s Principals have become expert and proficient in integrating other related systems to the industrial gas generating facility such as:

  • Backup liquid (LOX or LIN) and vaporization
  • Cooling water supply and management Ozone generation
  • O3 Special compression and gas storage

  • Adsorptech is the base of all important systems. We help integrate to build and create more. Starting from vaporization and ozone generation, we cater to the whole world and its betterment. We store gases and help stimulate processes that can’t be done otherwise. Oxygen is essential for not just the air we breathe but also for the integrated system that connects to each other.

    So if any of these systems are of interest, Adsorptech offers a one-stop provider of an entire integrated package. By having a single source of accountability, you avoid the all too common situation of each system supplier pointing at the other supplier if all systems do not work properly together.



    Adsorptech personnel have decades of experience operating and maintaining oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide VPSA, PSA and cryogenic generator facilities. Because of this first-hand experience, the knowledge that low-initial-price critical equipment may not translate to low-life-cycle economics to the user of the equipment. For example, poor quality switching valves in the high duty-cycle required with VPSA, PSA and PPU processes will result in significant downtime and maintenance issues. Not only does this inflate the cost of oxygen, the downtime impacts your loss of production value more than the cost of oxygen.

    From the decades of learning in the school of hard knocks, Adsorptech highly recommends that NBS valves be purchased for any high-duty cycle requirement. Because of Adsorptech’s confidence with NBS valves in demanding switching application service, we have become a North American distributor of the proven NBS valves.

    Our Global Supply of Oxygen

    We are worldwide suppliers of oxygen, serving every part of the world for over 30 years of experience. Our many certificates and declarations depict our credibility and scope of supply. Indeed, we devote unsurpassable services and support to our clientele.

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