Every oxygen production technology serves a niche in the global supply of oxygen. The single most important factor in determining which production technology offers the ideal economics in your situation is the quantity of oxygen that you need. At and below 3 Tons per Day (TPD), oxygen PSA or Liquid Oxygen (LOX) will most likely represent your low cost solution. From 3 TPD to 5 TPD there is a real battle zone between oxygen PSA and oxygen VPSA. Over 5 TPD it is very hard for the PSA power cost to prevail over VPSA technologies.

Process of VPSA Oxygen Generator

In VPSA Oxygen Generators we make oxygen through air at low pressure. However, cryogenic and PSA separation process require high pressure, cooling water, condensate drains (some oily), and much higher maintenance and power

We Cater to Various Industries

We are the suppliers to many chemical, cement, glass, and metallurgical industries. Moreover, we also cater to steel, pulp, and paper mills. Our customers also use oxygen for fuel burners, purification of gold, silver, and copper recovery. We happen to be major contributors to help generate ozone gas for water and waste treatment.

And as oxygen is the main component which encourages combustion, it is also used to fuel fired furnaces & kilns.

Suffice to say; oxygen is an excellent constituent for fabricating different materials, that too in high temperature manufacturing processes. A few examples might be of insulators, ceramic tiles, coal, coke, sanitary ware, and biomass. We help excite oxidation reactions, waste incineration, fermentation, gasification and many key processes.

This way our Oxygen VPSA and Services reduce fuel usage, enhance material quality and help decrease emissions.

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