After the successful commercialization of the EcoGenTM product was achieved and placements made around the world, Adsorptech incorporated the proven power and cost-efficient technology into packages of much larger oxygen capacity. Not only are the advantages of the EcoGenTM noted above applicable to much larger oxygen VPSAs, substantial economic redundancy is built in improving reliability and lessening turnaround costs and downtime versus competitors’ contemporary and traditional single blower and vacuum pump designs.

There are four EcoGenXTM standard frames ranging from 670 to 1300 scfm in capacity, 40 to 80 tpd (1000 to 2100 Nm3/hr.). Three different maximum outlet pressure levels are available – 15, 43, and 150 psig (1, 3, and 10 barg). When running at pressure below the maximum, a portion of the power is saved. The higher the pressure, the higher the capital and energy requirement. See Adsorptech’s brochure for more information.

What Good is Oxygen-Enriched Combustion?

There’s a vast set of benefits that oxygen-enriched combustion carries while being a basic function only.

Enhanced Efficiency

The heat losses of flue gas decrease and that is because of the fall in flue gas mass leaving the furnace. The increase in oxygen content and a decrease in nitrogen content helps put more heat into furnace production.

Decreased Emissions

The emissions of nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide decrease and preserve the environment for an eco-friendly production process.

Better Heat Transfer and Temperature Stability

An increase in the oxygen content makes the combustion more stable and the rise in temperature allows for a better heat transfer and product quality.

Higher Productivity

With oxygen-enriched combustion, the higher flame temperature, heat transfer, along with a lessened flue gas emission boosts the production efficiency to the greatest level.

What Happens During Combustion?

The entire procedure of combustion takes place in the presence of oxygen only. It supports the chemical processes that are occurring as the fire ignites. As the fuel burns, it reacts with the oxygen in the air and produces the different kinds of combustion products that include smoke, gases, and embers.

Exploring Oxygen Enhanced Combustion

We incorporate Oxygen Enhanced Combustion (OEC) in your production processes with our oxygen generators. Such an advancement in the combustion systems is an energy-saving method that carries many more features for you to benefit from.

• Fuel consumption reduction

• Lower exhaust gas volumes

• Higher available heat

• Higher heat transfer efficiency

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